IOWA/ITBS international standardized testing

IOWA/ITBS international standardized testing

What you should know about IOWA/ITBS international standardized testing.

MBK will administer the IOWA/ITBS (IOWA test of basic skills) this year.

IOWA/ITBS is a standardized test assessing a student's academic skills in English, 

Math, and Science.  The Iowa Tests meet ADEC requirements for an annual, 

nationally normed standardized test and offer educators a diagnostic look at how their 

students are progressing in all areas necessary for academic growth.

MBK will administer the tests two times during the academic year. Once in Term 1 to 

assess a student's current level of performance and once in Term 3 to assess the 

student's progress and attainment.  

Detailed data analysis will be supplied to all parents.  This useful information will 

allow you as parents to assist your students with areas in which they need support and 

to encourage and challenge your students in areas where they excel.  

The IOWA Evaluates:

Language Skills 





Math Concepts

Math Computation Math Problem Solving 

Science, Social Studies, and Study Skills 

Social Studies Science Materials Sources of Information 

Word Analysis (Grades K-3 only)

Listening (Grades K-3 only)


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