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Student Attendance and Punctuality Policy and Procedures


1.    Policy

The school regards student attendance and punctuality vital in order for it to provide the best possible opportunity for students to reach their full potential, notwithstanding that it is required by law. The school will keep a register of daily attendance, for school and for classes, of all enrolled children and take such action as required to improve attendance and punctuality rates.

2.    Scope

   The school student body, teaching and administration staff, and parents.

3.    Responsibilities

ü  School  Principal(s)

ü  Staff

ü  Students and parents

4.    Purposes

1.     To ensure the attendance and punctuality of all enrolled students daily.

2.     To ensure all students attend lessons and school activities as required.

3.     To identify absences from school and lessons and follow-up all absences.

4.     To notify parents regarding poor school and/or class attendance.

5.     To ensure all attendance information is kept on student files.

6.     To recognise and reward good attendance.

7.     To improve poor attendance and punctuality.

5.    Definitions

·         Attendance: is being present at the right place at the right time, eg students being in the right classroom at 8am for their first lesson of the day.

·         Punctuality: is being on time, eg students getting to school before the official start time of 8am.

6.    General Guidelines

·         The school will maintain an up-to-date attendance register in accordance with ADEC requirements, so that attendance can be correctly monitored and issues can be accurately identified and followed up, with the aim of full student attendance.

·         The school will operate a system whereby the names of students who are absent or late to school, lessons or required school activities are recorded by the staff member responsible for that student at that time, and notification given to an administrator for action.

·         All absences and lateness and their reasons will to be recorded on the school’s attendance documents and on the absence module of the school’s electronic management system.

·         When an unsatisfactory explanation of any recorded absence or lateness is provided by the parent/guardian, the school will talk with the parent/guardian and take action to ensure the student does not continue to be absent or late.

·         In general, students will not be released from school during the school day. However, when parents/guardians have a situation which requires them to leave, parents/guardians should contact the school and request permission from the school principal. The school will update the attendance record including the reason for leaving.

·         The Schoolwide Behaviour Management Programme will provide rewards for good attendance.

7.    Accountabilities in terms of the School Attendance System.

·         The school board for providing the funds so that systems and personnel are in place to support this policy; for monitoring through the school principal, such systems to help ensure good attendance and punctuality and the follow-up of non-attendance.

·         School principal for:

-        ensuring that systems are in place and followed so as to ensure good student attendance;

-       reporting to parents of ongoing unexplained non-attendance and/or poor punctuality;

-       informing the authorities about parents/caregivers who knowingly allow their children not to attend school or to persistently allow lateness;

-       when absence exceeds the maximum set by the authorities, notifying the relevant local education authorities;

-        retaining the register of daily attendance for a period of 7 years after the last entry is made; and

-        storing an electronic copy of the daily attendance register off-site and updating it daily.

·         Class teacher for recording and reporting all class-related attendance and punctuality matters.

·          Administrator for collating and recording all absences and punctuality matters, contacting the parents/guardians, notifying teachers and follow-up as appropriate.

8.    Revision

This policy will be reviewed every 3 years or as needed if changes to legislation dictate or there is a request for policy review from an internal source.

9.    References


·         Relevant laws and regulations of the UAE and the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

10. Attachments and Related Material

·         Documentation, Filing and Record Keeping Policy

·         Student Discipline Policy and Schoolwide Behaviour Management Programme

·         All school documentation which supports the attendance system and procedures

·         The school software management system

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