Mohammed Bin Khalid School for Generations

Student Admission Policy and Procedures


1.    Policy

The school will offer education to students for parents who wish a private school option for their children. It will seek to ensure that all students who are admitted will thrive in an environment of high academic expectation, will be able to benefit from the holistic education provided and be happy within the school community. In admission of students, it will fully comply with all the applicable laws and regulations of the UAE and the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. There will be no discrimination on the grounds of diversity, gender, race, religion or academic level and the school will admit students with mild to moderate Special Education Needs. All those joining must agree to adhere to relevant school rules and policies.

2.    Scope

   School staff, and prospective students and their parents.

3.    Responsibilities

ü  School  Principal

ü  Staff with student admission roles

ü  Prospective parents and their children

ü  School administrators and teachers

4.    Purposes

ü  To set and operate clear school admission procedures regarding how and when to apply for admission, on what basis students will be selected for places, what preferences will apply to specific groups of students, how waiting lists will be managed and how records will be kept.

ü  To advise on the types of support programmes offered to enrolled students.

ü  To establish a school-parents partnership which promotes the interests of the student body.

5.    Definitions

·      Admission: is the process of acceptance of a prospective student into a school.

·      Placement Interview: is held for kindergarten children with the prospective parents and child for placement and instructional design purposes.

·      Placement Test: is a written test, undertaken by enrolling students, consisting of a number of different subjects which is used for placement and instructional design purposes.

·      Prospective: are parents and students who seek admission into school.

6.    Procedure

1.     Request for admission can be made for any child who meets the age conditions and submits the required documents of the government authority of the UAE. The age conditions are:

-       As per the ministry regulations any student is admitted into KG1 if they turn 3 years of age by Sep 15 of that school year. As for KG2, they should be 4 by Sep 15 and for Gr 1 they should be 5 by Sep 15. For grades 2 and up they must provide evidence that they were schooled in the previous grade level the year before. This evidence is either a transfer letter stamped by ADEC regional office if the student is moving from a school within UAE, or a transcript and a school letter stating that the student has successfully finished a certain grade level approved by ADEC regional office and the student is moving from a school outside the UAE.

2.     Tentatively, the school starts accepting admission applications for the next school year on March 1st. However, the board may decide to alter this date and announce the change.

3.     Parents may contact the school either by phone or visit.

4.     The first conversation consists of explaining the admission procedures and getting relevant information about the prospective student.

5.     Parents who wish to continue with admission submit a completed school enrolment application form, all the required documents, pay a registration fee and make an appointment for an interview/placement test. The required documents are:

a.     An application form filled in and signed by the guardian which includes:

                                                  i.    Name, age and address;

                                                 ii.    The names and contact details, with telephone numbers of parents/guardians;

                                                iii.    Date of enrolment;

                                                iv.    Previous school or pre-enrolment situation.

b.    A Birth Certificate (in Arabic or English officially stamped by the originating country’s Foreign Affairs and by the UAE Embassy in that country).

c.     Vaccination card.

d.    A photocopy of the applicant’s passport.

e.     A photocopy of the applicant  guardian’s  passport  (With valid residential status for expats).

f.     Six recent passport-size photos.

g.    Previous school report or transcript.  (An officially stamped copy of this transcript is required).

h.     A Transfer Certificate. (In Arabic or English and officially stamped).

i.      Completed medical conditions and health agreement forms.

j.      A photocopy of the applicant’s vaccination card.

k.     A completed KG information form in the case of KG applicants.

l.      A Good Conduct Certificate from the previous school if applicable.

6.     For students with identified special needs:

-       on enquiry for enrolment, school personnel should seek to gain and parents should endeavour to give all relevant information regarding the student and their educational needs;

-       an interview and/or placement test will also serve to provide information for placement and instructional design decisions;

-       the school will enroll students with mild to moderate SEN.


7.     For grades which are full:

-       the student will be offered the next place on the waiting list;

-       the school will explain to the parents the plans regarding expansion, if any, and the likelihood of their child being admitted;

-       all parents of wait-listed children will be advised to seek admission at another school;

-       upon a place becoming available, wait-listed students in order of their listing, will be invited to continue the process of admission.

8.     On the day of the placement test, all documents must have been provided by the parents.

9.     Within two days after the interview or test, the school will contact parents with the options for the child’s enrolment eg class placement.

10.  On acceptance of the enrolment, the parents pay the first installment, make an appointment to purchase the school uniform and sign the ‘Parents-School Partnership’ agreement.

11.  The decision on class section is done by the nominated staff member. Factors considered for class section are:

-       mixed ability class groups ie maintaining a similar average across different sections of the same grade

-       gender balance

-       a balance of local and non-local students in each class

12.  An administrator arranges the desk place for the new student in their classroom.

7.    Annual Enrolment

1.      Parents will be requested to re-enrol their child/ren currently at the school, for each subsequent academic year.

2.      Continuing students will automatically be re-enrolled.

3.      All the family and student-specific information provided the previous year and held by the school is checked by the parents with the school secretary/registrar, after which the re-enrolment is confirmed and the first payment for the new year is made.

8.    Support Programmes for SEN and GATE Students

1.      A register of students who have been enrolled as special educational needs and those who are gifted and talented will be kept.

2.      All students on both registers will have an IEP written in collaboration with the SEN/GATE co-ordinator, child’s teachers, parents/guardians and the student (if appropriate) and reviewed at least each term.

3.      Individual Educational Plans will describe the specific special needs/gifted areas and the special arrangements for curriculum delivery and types of support offered, which may include:


-       curriculum adaptations required within the age-appropriate class eg for needs particular to oral language, reading, written language, maths and any instructional area;

-       assessment adaptations eg more time, a reader and/or writer;

-       particular seating arrangements within the class eg mixed gender, single gender, mixed ability and similar ability groupings

-       removal from class, either entirely or for specific periods of time or for specific subjects, and taught individually or in small groups for the purposes of meeting specific needs, remediation or enrichment/extension;

-       medication or other intervention required eg physiotherapy, during the school day. When, where and by whom these are administered;

-       extra counselling, mentoring or teacher aide support. When, where and by whom these are provided;

-       special equipment or facilities that can be provided in the regular classroom. What this equipment is and where it is situated and how it is used;

-       students who are on special behaviour programmes. What these programmes are and how they are managed;

-       accelerated students in one or more subjects;

-       offering additional subjects eg another foreign language, philosophy or thinking skills classes;

-       honours classes, after-school tutor groups and mentor programmes;

-       enrichment of educational provision for students beyond the classroom by providing a variety of activities that may include school, local and national competitions and challenges, school clubs, opportunities to work with visiting experts, study day opportunities, contacts with local industry and businesses, master classes eg art and music. opportunities for students to develop skills through experiences in assemblies, celebration days, Student Society and peer tutoring for example; and

-       and other support services required.

Please refer to the SEN and GATE policies for more detail.

9.    Support Programmes for Academic and Multi-lingual Support

1.     The school will offer students who require it, specific support in the areas of ESL, English, Arabic and maths.

Please refer to the Academic Support and Multi-lingual Support policies for more detail.

10. Preference Arrangements

2.     Students will be admitted in the following preference order:

a)     Current students re-enrolling and their siblings;

b)    Children of staff members;

c)     Students living in the immediate vicinity of the school as defined by the board;

d)    New students other than the above.

3.     The registration period will be divided into four parts to cater for the stated preference arrangements. The schedule will be communicated within and outside the school community.

11. First Day

1.     The student reports in school uniform at the time notified and is shown to their classroom.

2.     A staff member shows the student to their desk and introduces them to their classmates.

3.     Books are distributed within the student’s class.

4.     Arrangements for settling the child into the class are made with teachers and other students eg buddy student.

12. Records Keeping and Transfer

1.     All admission records will be kept by the school. A hard copy file will be kept in individual student files, with a soft copy kept on the school management system.

2.     Forms and information will be transferred to other areas of the school as applicable, eg medical information to the nurse, special needs and gifted and talented to the appropriate departments, second language to the appropriate administrator, and transportation requirements as applicable to the person-in-charge.

3.     When a student transfers to another school, a complete report including all vital information will be sent to their new school.

4.     A copy of the register of enrolments will be stored off-site and updated every term.

5.     The register of enrolments will be retained for a period of 5 years before archiving.



13. Laws

All enrolment-applicable laws of the UAE will be complied with eg new students will not be enrolled from within the country after December.

14. Revision

This policy will be reviewed every 3 years or as needed if changes to legislation dictate or there is a request for policy review from an internal source.

15. References


Relevant laws and regulations of the UAE and the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.


16. Attachments and Related Material

·         All school policies and procedures eg SEN, GATE, Academic Support and Multi-lingual Support policies and school rules

·         All school enrolment application information eg School Prospectus, Application for Enrolment form, Admissions information, Parents-School partnership document and Parents-School medical conditions form and health agreement

·         Parent Handbook




Parents-School Partnership


This document determines the educational partnership between parents and school and our commitment towards working together closely in the best interests of our students. Therefore, the following shall be maintained:


ü  Provides students with an adequate educational environment (suitable atmosphere conducive to learning) which ensures their safety and security.

ü  Offers students a well-researched curriculum, teaching programmes based on student needs and learning outcomes, and educational co-curricular activities and events.

ü  Closely follows students’ academic progress, informs parents whenever there are any serious academic issues, and prepares an action plan (when necessary) in order to address these.

ü  Models, guides and advises students in good behaviour and the civic values followed in the country and in compliance with school rules.

ü  Continuously monitors students’ conduct and consults with parents regarding serious misbehaviour or repeated misconduct and applies suitable corrective actions for such misdemeanors.


ü  Give utmost priority to good conduct and high academic standards.

ü  Expect and require their child(ren) to respect school rules and adhere to them.

ü  Provide their child(ren) with learning-conducive environments at home.

ü  Instill in their child(ren) good moral values, especially that of honesty and no use of physical force.

ü  Adopt good civic values including tolerance and being considerate of others.

ü  Develop in their child(ren) good habits including healthy eating and sleeping patterns, cleanliness, tidiness, punctuality and doing homework.

ü  Inculcate in their child(ren) the desire to do well.

We ________________________  and _____________________________  parents of                     _________________________    of Grade _____

_________________________    of Grade _____

_________________________    of Grade _____

_________________________    of Grade _____

_________________________    of Grade _____

have read the above and consider it a precise description of our obligations as parents, and we also commit:

1.    To support school decisions and co-operate with the school administration.

2.    To bring our concerns or problems to the right person at school.

3.    To refrain from giving or sending presents or gifts to any member of staff.

4.    To refrain from asking or expecting special tuition, special favors, or preferential treatment from any member of staff.

5.    To immediately answer every telephone call from the school whenever our child(ren) are at school, or are on their way to or from it.

6.    To immediately notify the school of every change of our contact details - phone numbers, email addresses, home and work addresses, and of our child/ren’s health status.

7.    To avoid delaying our child(ren) in morning which makes them late for school, or setting any personal commitments or medical appointments during school hours.

8.    To abide by the school calendar with regard to family holidays.


Name of Father (or 1st Guardian): __________________    Signature: ___________

Name of Mother (or 2nd Guardian): _________________     Signature: ___________

Date:  ____ / _____ / _______

On behalf of the School:

Name of Administrator: __________________________

Position: __________________  

Signature: _________________  

Date:  ____ / _____ / ______

Parents-School Health Agreement

The school endeavours to minimise the spread of infections and illnesses and relies on the efforts of parents to monitor the health of their child/ren in order to achieve this. Therefore, the school requests that parents do not send their child/ren to school if they have:

  • a temperature or fever
  • a persistent cough
  • a heavy nasal or ear discharge
  • any skin rashes which are itchy and/or have blotches
  • red, watery or painful eyes
  • a vomiting bug (only return to school 24 hours after the last episode)
  • a diarrhea bug (only return to school 24 hours after the last episode)

Furthermore, should any child have an open sore or wound, it must be covered with a well-sealed dressing.

In the event of any child being assessed by school medical personnel and considered to be a possible source of infection to others, parents/guardians will be contacted to immediately collect them from school.

The school asks to be informed when a child has been or is being treated for a medical condition.

We ________________________  and _____________________________  parents of             _________________________    of Grade _____

_________________________    of Grade _____

_________________________    of Grade _____

_________________________    of Grade _____

_________________________    of Grade _____

have read the above and agree to meet these obligations as parents.


Name of Father (or 1st Guardian): ________________   Signature: ______________


Name of Mother (or 2nd Guardian): _______________    Signature: ______________


Date:  ____ / _____ / _______


On behalf of the School:

Name of Administrator: __________________________

Position: __________________  

Signature: _________________  

Date:  ____ / _____ / ______


Student Medical Conditions Form (for student enrolment file, copy to nurse)

Our child  ____________________________________________   of Grade _____ has the following medical conditions and prescription medications: (write ‘nil’ if no medical conditions)

Medical Condition or Allergy

Prescribed Medication/s

Administration Details
















We give the school permission to store and administer, through the school health care professionals, the above prescription medicine/s according to the prescriber’s instructions.

We agree to inform the school should there be any change to the health status of our child.

Non-Prescription Medications

The school holds non-prescribed medications, such as pain killers and crèmes. Whenever possible, parents will be contacted prior to administering these medications.

We (tick the appropriate box)


do not consent

to our child receiving non-prescribed medications at school.

Name of Father (or 1st Guardian): ________________    Signature: _____________


Name of Mother (or 2nd Guardian): _______________     Signature: _____________


Date:  ____ / _____ / _______

On behalf of the School:

Name of Administrator: __________________________

Position: __________________  

Signature: _________________  

Date:  ____ / _____ / _____

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