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Promotion and Retention Policy and Procedures


1.    Policy

The school recognises that students’ emotional, social and educational growth varies and that they should be placed in the educational setting most appropriate to their needs at the various stages of their growth. Therefore, each student will be moved forward in a continuous pattern of achievement and growth that corresponds with their own development and the academic standards of each grade and subject.

2.    Scope

   All students, parents, teachers, and administrators.

3.    Responsibilities

ü  School  Principal(s)

ü  Teaching and administration staff

ü  Students and parents/guardians

4.    Purposes

ü  To provide a clear and consistent approach to promotion and retention issues.

ü  To ensure the tracking of progress of individual students in order to cater for their learning needs during the course of each year.

ü  To work in a collaborative manner, involving the School Principal, applicable administrators and teachers, and parents when discussing the possibility of a student being retained.

ü  To adhere to the promotion and retention regulations of ADEC.

5.    Definitions

·         Promotion: is the movement of a student from a grade level up to the next higher grade level from one academic year to the next.

·         Retention: is when a student is kept at the same grade level from one academic year to the next.

6.    Philosophy

1.     On enrolment, students will be admitted into their developmentally appropriate grade level.

2.     The school assumes the responsibility to ensure that all students remain on course to be promoted.

3.     In general, all students will be promoted.

4.     A student will only be retained if the situation presents sound justification for how and why student achievement will improve through retention.


7.    Guidelines for Supporting Students at Risk of Retention

The emphasis will be on early identification of students who are struggling academically and providing them extra learning opportunities, so that they meet the academic expectations of their grade level, such as:


-       additional instructional time, both during the school day and after school;

-       one-on-one and group tutoring;

-       ensuring that academic staff work consistently with students who need services, instead of being pulled away for other duties such as meetings or duty;

-       summer school option; and

-       multiple opportunities to demonstrate knowledge and skills.


8.    Guidelines for Retention Decisions

1.     Student retention will be infrequent and will necessitate the collective judgement of the group of people involved with the student – the School Principal, parents of the student, school counsellor/social worker, HOD’s of English and Arabic, and all teachers who have worked with the student over the year.


2.     All possible alternatives to retention will be investigated. These could include:


-       assessing the student for special needs;

-       using an IEP process and other SEN resources to support the student in the next grade;

-       identifying which particular subjects/areas still require intervention and providing an intensive period of support;

-       student use of extra resources eg ICT applications, monitored by school personnel; and

-       allocating a ‘mentor teacher’ to the student.


3.     Taken into consideration will be:


-       the social and developmental impact on the student of being separated from their peers; and

-       the capacity of the school to provide an improved, differentiated learning experience for the retained student.


4.     No student will be retained if they have previously been retained at any stage of their schooling.


9.    Revision

This policy will be reviewed every 3 years or as needed if changes to relevant legislation dictate or there is a request for policy review from an internal source.

10. References

·         Applicable laws and regulations of the UAE and the Emirate of Abu Dhabi


11.  Attachments and Related Material


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