Mohammed Bin Khalid School for Generations

Parents-School Partnership


This document determines the educational partnership between parents and school and our commitment towards working together closely in the best interests of our students. Therefore, the following shall be maintained:



ü  Provides students with an adequate educational environment (suitable atmosphere conducive to learning) which ensures their safety and security.

ü  Offers students a well-researched curriculum, teaching programmes based on student needs and learning outcomes, and educational co-curricular activities and events.

ü  Closely follows students’ academic progress, informs parents whenever there are any serious academic issues, and prepares an action plan (when necessary) in order to address these.

ü  Models, guides and advises students in good behaviour and the civic values followed in the country and in compliance with school rules.

ü  Continuously monitors students’ conduct and consults with parents regarding serious misbehaviour or repeated misconduct and applies suitable corrective actions for such misdemeanors.




ü  Give utmost priority to good conduct and high academic standards.

ü  Expect and require their child(ren) to respect school rules and adhere to them.

ü  Provide their child(ren) with learning-conducive environments at home.

ü  Instill in their child(ren) good moral values, especially that of honesty and no use of physical force.

ü  Adopt good civic values including tolerance and being considerate of others.

ü  Develop in their child(ren) good habits including healthy eating and sleeping patterns, cleanliness, tidiness, punctuality and doing homework.

ü  Inculcate in their child(ren) the desire to do well.




We ________________________  and _____________________________  parents of

_________________________          of Grade _____

_________________________          of Grade _____

_________________________          of Grade _____

_________________________          of Grade _____

_________________________          of Grade _____


have read the above and consider it a precise description of our obligations as parents, and we also commit:


1.    To support school decisions and co-operate with the school administration.

2.    To bring our concerns or problems to the right person at school.

3.    To refrain from giving or sending presents or gifts to any member of staff.

4.    To refrain from asking or expecting special tuition, special favors, or preferential treatment from any member of staff.

5.    To immediately answer every telephone call from the school whenever our child(ren) are at school, or are on their way to or from it.

6.    To immediately notify the school of every change of our contact details - phone numbers, email addresses, home and work addresses.

7.    To avoid delaying our child(ren) in morning which makes them late for school, or setting any personal commitments or medical appointments during school hours.

8.    To abide by the school calendar with regard to family holidays.


Name of Father (or 1st Guardian): __________________    Signature: ________________


Name of Mother (or 2nd Guardian): _________________     Signature: ________________


Date:  ____ / _____ / _______


On behalf of the School:

Name of Administrator: __________________________

Position: __________________  

Signature: _________________  

Date:  ____ / _____ / ______

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