Timely and regular attendance is an expectation of all MBK Staff.

Tardiness leaves students unsupervised resulting in possible accidents.  Tardiness puts pressure on staff that is on time.  Tardiness wastes valuable instruction time.

Tardiness is any of the following:

  • ·        Arriving late for the start of the work day no matter the reason
  • ·        Arriving late for any scheduled duty including class time (break duties, parents’ meetings…………etc.).
  • ·        Arriving late for any scheduled meeting
  • ·        Leaving prior to the end of the work day

Habitual tardiness is a cause for disciplinary action that will result in the following:


0-60 minutes

1 personal day deducted

If no personal day is available one day of salary will be deducted

61-120 minutes

2 personal days will be deducted

If no personal days are available, 2 days of salary will be deducted

Excess of 120 minutes

Possible termination



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