Brief idea about KG department

How do children acquire learning?

Do you know that children begin their learning from the first moment they lay their eyes on their mothers using their five senses.  They utilize their sense of smell and their sense of hearing to identify their caregiver. I am sure that you have seen your children hold objects to their mouth as a way of discovering the texture, taste and the nature of the objects.  As they cognitively develop, their sense of curiosity starts to spread out even further and they don’t give up until their questions are answered.  Can you imagine if these children do not have the resources, proper and safe environment or the qualified person who will assist these children to grow cognitively and psychologically.

            M.B.K. School is diligent in meeting its children’s cognitive and psychological needs.  The school is equipped with a great activity room that is divided into different learning stations that involves a painting area, building area, reading area, computer area, role play area, model of a real home where children can mimic similar home environments.  The room also includes discovery stations where they can explore, hypothesize, question and find answers to their scientific enquiries.  There is also an educational kitchen where children can prepare and cook real food with supervision which highly reflects the Early Learning Years Curriculum.  These highly equipped rooms will foster learning based on intrinsic motivation and will stimulate the passion to learn.  It is important to note that children cannot reach their full learning potential  unless  teachers are highly qualified, experienced and they all work together as a team to foster this kind of positive learning environment.  It is equally crucial that these staff members are under the guidance of a well- informed administrative team. 

            “One method of teaching never fits all” is an approach that we should all embrace. Each classroom presents a unique community of learners that varies not only in abilities, but also in style.  This approach to learning highly reflects ADEC’s philosophy to positive long life learning. 


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